Are We the Boomers!? A 90's Kid Take on Internet Nostalgia, Being Woke on Privacy, and What the Future Looks Like

On today's episode we reminisce about to good old early days of the internet. For any Gen Z reading this, that was from the 1900's ALRIGHT!

Take a stroll down memory lane: Remember AOL Internet CD's? How about AIM Chat Rooms? And when's the last time you saw a Compaq computer? Because we for dam sure can't remember lol.

We went the whole nine yards with this one. Whether that's talking about the ups and downs of tech, to modern society issues like internet privacy, and it wouldn't be a tech show without us talking about the future. So buckle up this should be a fun one!

Show Notes:

0:30 | Internet struggles of a 90's kid

9:00 | Internet history a textbook explanation

15:03 | Taking tech for granted...using it & abusing it

20:20 | A technical debate, the pros & cons

25:42 | Will Tech in 30 years be the apex of society?

28:49 | The complete 180 on privacy in the US vs South East Asia

31:28 | Collectively we need to be more woke on tech issues

34:49 | Being boomers talking about the internet

36:58 | Internet is life

39:31 | Web3 so what is it really?

43:37 | The tldr on what we think about tech

Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoyed the episode!

Let us know what you think & what you would want us to talk about next!

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